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Value Management

Value Management

CPC has in-house VE experts accredited by theSociety of American Value Engineers (SAVE) International,who lead structured VE studies followinginternationally recognized VE methodology. Overthe past 15 years, our experts have conducted VEstudies for projects worth US$ 4 billion, saving inexcess of US$ 350 million in capital costs alone.

Simply stated, VE is a structured methodology thataims at achieving the required functions at theleast cost, without compromising quality, integrityor aesthetic values. VE is widely used in manufacturing,construction, medical research, militaryoperations and oil & gas industries.

We utilize the Design Team of Record to investigatebetter ways to deliver innovative solutions in ateam environment. Average expected costsaving at early stages has been in the range of 10%to 15% of the construction costs.

VE Training and Certication is also offered throughtrainers from UK, Canada and the USA.

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